Ultra Violet light is the invisible light that exists just beyond the shortest light rays (violet) in the visible light spectrum. In 1801, Johann Wilhelm Ritter, a German physicist, discovered that these invisible lights rays were very effective at darkening silver chloride soaked paper, and named them, "deoxidizing rays" to distinguish them from the heat rays at the other end of the spectrum. These chemically reactive light rays were referred to throughout most of the 19th century as "chemical rays" and eventually dubbed "ultraviolet rays" while" heat rays" became known as infrared radiation.

The interesting paradox about the former term for ultraviolet light, "chemical rays" is that Ultraviolet C, light wave technology actually offers a chemical-free way in which to sanitize and safely de-germ a variety of industrial and household surfaces.

Natural ultraviolet light is emitted by the sun in three bandwidths, as UVA, UBC and UVC light, but 98.7% of that light is absorbed by the earth's atmosphere and the remainder of the UV light that reaches the earth's surface consists of predominantly UVA radiation. UVC light waves, which are the shortest and most powerful in the UV range, have germicidal properties, and are capable of breaking down the DNA of microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, dust mites and other allergens and contaminants. UVC light has been used for decades to sanitize surfaces and tools in medical labs and to sanitize water in water treatment plants. Many spring water bottlers now utilize UVC light to disinfect bottles and sterilize equipment and increasingly, public water treatment facilities are utilizing UVC technology to upgrade safety standards for drinking water.

With the growing interest in eliminating toxins and allergens from the home environment, the germicidal power of UVC light offers a welcome alternative to chemical cleaning products. The Oreck Halo Vaccuum,Verilux UVC Sanitizing Wand and the Raycop Anti Bacterial Bed Vacuum are 3 products currently available to consumers that can safely eliminate invisible allergens and contaminants in areas that chemical cleaners would be completely unwelcome.

Mattresses, carpets and bedding are perfect breeding grounds for dust mites and other allergy-causing microorganisms that can trigger asthma, hayfever, eczema and other illnesses. Several international studies have concluded that exposure to these allergens in the first two years of life can jump-start these life-long chronic conditions. UVC light destroys the DNA of allergans and microorganisms, such as lice, fleas, mold, bacteria and viruses, including influenza. The benefits of germicidal UVC light are fairly obvious for households in which children and pets, as well as adults do not want to risk exposure to either harmful microbes or potentially toxic chemical disinfectants. These products will clean, sanitize and eliminate odors from household surfaces without adding additional pollutants to the household environment.

A word of caution about UVC light: protective eyewear is advised when using these products, as UV light sources should NOT be looked at directly, just as one is advised not to look at the sun during an eclipse. Most products will have a built-in mechanism to prevent exposure to the bulb itself and/or deactivate the device if the light source is pointed upwards. Please keep these products away from children and read all operating manuals thoroughly before use.