Thermo Kitty Sill or Kitty Sill
Indoor cats get bored when their owners are away or otherwise occupied. Cats love being able to rest comfortably and watch the world go by. Your cat spends the majority of its life at rest and is known to sleep up to 16 hours a day. Where and how your cat sleeps can make a big difference in its comfort and overall health. This is especially true during the winter months. As your pet ages, its need for supplemental heat will only increase, especially should your cat become arthritic. Warmth is therapeutic when your pet is in pain, as it eases the muscles. Give your cat a comfortable view of the captivating world outside with the Thermo Kitty Sill. It is the best way to assure your cat a safe warm rest while viewing the outside world.

Benefits & Features:
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Kitty Sill
The same dimensions as the Thermo Kitty Sill but without the heating system.
How it Works
The Thermo Kitty Sill easily snaps together and adjusts to any windowsill using provided Velcro fasteners and will support over 40 lbs. The Thermal Kitty Sill uses a dual thermostat 6-watt heating unit to keep the surface 12 to 15 above ambient air temperature to maintain a cat-pleasing 102 when in use by the pet. A 14 X 24 oval layer of super soft orthopedic foam is covered with washable faux lambskin to provide year round comfort.

Great for houses, apartments or family vacation homes. The Thermo Kitty Sill is designed with a low wattage heater that warms to approximately 102F, the average body temperature of most cats, or raise the bed temperature just a few degrees above the ambient room temperature, making them extremely inviting. Easy to assemble, sturdy and attractive. Adjustable to any windowsill. No tools are necessary for installation when using the provided Velcro fasteners. We also include screws for a more permanent attachment. Either way, Kitty Sill is the sturdiest window perch on the market.

K&H Thermo pet products are continually tested assuring you and your pet of fault-free, safe products for your pet and home.

Available Sizes:   14 X 24

  One-year Limited Warranty.

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