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K&H Thermo Kitty Mat
Have you ever wondered why your cat seeks out the " sun spot" in your house to nap? The explanation is simple. From the time your cat was born, it had a keen sense of temperature from receptors in it's face. These senses helped to find its mother before their eyes were even open. As your cat grows into adulthood, these temperature receptors become even more sensitive. As a result, your cat is constantly on the lookout for a warm sunny spot in front of a window or a heat vent. The best way to assure your cat a good warm catnap is with a Thermo Kitty Mat.
How it Works
The Thermo Kitty Matis controlled by a dual thermostat that keeps the temperature at a comfortable 102 of warmth when in use by your pet. The Thermo Kitty Mat is only 12 1/2" X 25" . It is ideal for small cats. Its 6-watt dual thermostat heater is contained beneath soft foam to assure a comfortable cat napping place. The Kitty Mat cover is available in mocha and sage is removable for washing. Recommended for year round indoor use.
The Thermo Kitty Mat is of special benefit for older arthritic cats and those with joint problems. The therapeutic warmth eases muscle pain in cats and encourages circulation. If you live in a part of the country that is cold, a heated Thermo Kitty Mat can make a drafty garage or basement a warm and comfortable place for your pet. For just pennies a day, your pet will enjoy curling up on a heated Thermo Kitty Mat. Veterinarians and pet experts recommend year-round use of heated pet mats and beds.

K&H Thermo pet products are continually tested assuring you and your pet of fault-free, safe products for your pet and home.

Available Sizes:  Small  12 1/2" X 25"

  One-year Limited Warranty.

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