Sulfur Bar Soap 10% Sulfur

Made with 10% of the purest colloidal sulfur available, our soap contains one of the highest percentages of colloidal sulfur on the market. Our soap does NOT smell like sulfur, because the sulfur used is pure sulfur and pure sulfur has no scent so there is no need to add artificial fragrances to mask the smell, like some other lesser quality brands. Our soap with 10% Sulfur is antiseptic, anti-fungal, great for acne, both facial and body, mites, scabies, body and foot odor, Eczema, Rosacea, Seborrheic Dermatitis and so much more.

  • 10% Sulfur
  • No Perfumes or Fragrances
  • Plant Based Ingredients
  • Made In Indonesia

What Is Colloidal Sulfur?
Colloidal sulfur is a suspension of fine sulfur particles, usually in a gum base, a homeopathic “natural” remedy used to treat “red rash” skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis. Sulfur has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years.The Colloidal sulfur that we use in our soap is so pure it is completely odorless, so there is no need to mask the odor with artificial fragrances like some other lesser quality soaps on the market.

Sulfur Reduces Bacteria that Causes Acne
Sulfur contains antibacterial properties that clear bacteria from the skins pores, that otherwise can lead to plugged pores, that cause pimples and blackheads. Washing with sulfur soap will help to prevent new bacterial infections from forming on the skin. It can also reduce the production of sebum in the skin, leaving your skin less oily.

Made with the Purest Ingredients
Our sulfur soap is made with only the purest odorless sulfur. The soap is compounded in a proprietary process at just the right stage temperatures and set times. Using this state-of-the-art process for pressure and temperature stage compounding it, eliminates the need to add artificial fragrances to mask odor.

Bar Size: 3.5 ounces, or about 100 grams.

Directions: Activate by soaking bar in warm water for 20 seconds, then work up a lather and apply to the affected areas of the skin, allow the suds to soak before rinsing off and pat dry.

Active Ingredients: 10% Sulfur

Inactive Ingredients: saponified palm and palm kernel oil, glycerin, lanolin, cocamide DEA, ethanol, titanium dioxide, salicylic acid.

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