Relieve Body Tension and Improve Sleep
The human body - constantly under tension

The human body is one big electric field, continually recharging its electrons through contacting or rubbing against other materials. Discharge comes into play when one element moves away from the other. The discharge is usually earthed straight away, but can also occur through ionization - discharge through the air.

Just think of the crackling and sparks that appear when you slip off your sweater in the dark. This phenomenon is called the corona. The more electrons there are, the bigger the charge, and the human body can store up to 30,000 volts! Not surprisingly, these high voltages have a negative effect on our sleep. We feel nervous, agitated - we are literally experiencing a feeling of tension. So it is important for the body to get rid of this tension and drop to the lowest possible voltage.  

In the course of the night, the body is in constant contact with various materials, such as pajamas, sheets, mattress etc. Both the body and these materials are continually recharged with static electricity - up to 30,000 volts! If we want a truly peaceful sleep, it is clear that this tension needs to be discharged and the voltage lowered - without earthing. Intense® offers a solution to this problem. The Intense® fabric uses ultra-fine, multifilament carbon fiber thread.

Each filament contains a conductive trilobal core, wrapped in a protective nylon envelope. The carbon filament captures the electrons in the surrounding material and releases them into the air at low voltage (from 4,000 volts). So the tension literally flows out of the body, allowing for deeper - and more relaxing - sleep.