Somma Aire® Warranty

Congratulations on the purchase of your new Somma Aire Sleep System!

Your Somma Aire Sleep System is warranted from the date of original retail sale as validated by proof of purchase. In the unlikely event that you would need repair or replacement of your air system you will be required to demonstrate proof of purchase.Please keep this warranty and your receipt of purchase together.

Your Somma Aire Sleep System is quality-assured to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. The manufacture will replace or repair defective components that impair serviceability to the product other than normal wear and tear. Repair or replacement is at the discretion of the manufacturer. The manufacturer's liability is limited to this expressed warranty. No other warranty is expressed or implied, nor does this warranty cover so-called incidental or consequential damages.

This warranty is null and void when any unauthorized components are used in conjunction with Somma Aire products. Normal leveling of materials or body impressions, which occur with all upholstered products, are not covered under this warranty. Any stretching or conforming of the cover is a natural part of the breaking in process or the air system. This will vary according to body proportion, size and type of mattress. Covers which are soiled are not returnable for any reason. Manufacturer assumes no responsibility in connection with the cleaning or laundering of the air system's cover.

The manufacturer will replace or repair defective components based on percentages of manufacturers suggested retail price at time of defect. Repair or replacement of component does not extend the limited warranty or begin a new limited warranty period. In the event that service resulting from such defect is required during the warranty period, the product will be replaced or repaired using the warranty scale below.

For warranty service, please contact (888) 774-4046

If is unavailable you can write to:
SleepPros Warranty Assistance
PO Box 507 Carnelian Bay, CA 96140

**Transportation cost to and from our facility is the responsibility of the purchaser after the first 30 days of coverage. If issues materialize with an Somma Aire Sleep System, purchaser will contact their authorized reseller where mattress was purchased. Authorized Reseller will troubleshoot and if it is determined that repair or replacement is necessary, Authorized Reseller will collect a nominal fee per incident. (currently $35 and subject to change without notice over the lifetime of your 20 year Limited Warranty)

The fee will cover (**transportation charges to and from our facility) the item under warranty; and will include a prepaid UPS or Fed Ex return label. When replacement is received , purchaser will use same box to package warranted item, affix the prepaid return label and drop off at a staffed location no later than the seventh (7) business day following receipt of replacement. Failure to deliver defective item to staffed location by the seventh (7) business day will forfeit remainder of warranty, and you will be subject to charges equal to full retail price of item. Please call your authorized reseller to request return authorization if passed the seventh (7) business day. Late returns must be re-authorized and include a late payment fee of no less than $15. Upon receipt, balance of warranty would be reinstated.