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10" Intense SC-1 Allergy Relieving
Memory Foam Sleep System.

Imagine sleeping on a luxurious, anti-microbial sleep system that regulates body temperature, reduces your body's static charge and creates a clean and allergen free sleep environment. Welcome to the unparalleled support, comfort, resiliency and durability of Sleep and Comfort Products Intense
SC-1 Memory Foam Sleep System.
State Of The Art Clean-Foam TrCELL Technology.
The Intense SC-1 Memory Foam Sleep System is constructed of a unique combination of the most advanced foams, utilizing state of the art Clean-Foam TrCELL technology to produce a
memory foam sleep system with no BHT, no carcinogenic materials and no harmful or unpleasant odors. TrCELL is a high-performance dense and durable memory foam that has been developed to counteract the long term effects of moisture and heat, reducing body impressions and improving comfort and support throughout the night.

Provides Exceptional Therapeutic Cushioning
Orginally developed through NASA research and technology, Visco Memory Foam is a material that responds to body heat and weight and conforms to the body's exact dimensions to provide exceptional therapeutic cushioning. Billions of microporoscopic Visco memory foam cells in the Intense SC-1 Sleep System function as " molecular springs" to support the spine and offer maximum relief from neck, back, hip, shoulder, muscle and stress related pain.

Helps To Alleviate Allergy and Asthma Symptoms
The Intense SC-1 pressure relieving memory foam sleep system has been developed using Amicor Pure an intelligent fiber with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties contained within each fiber. This incredible fiber coupled with the Intense SC-1's hypo-allergenic cover technology, provides an allergen-free, anti-microbial sleep environment that actively repels dust and creates an effective dust mite barrier.

Science Confirms Intense Improves Sleep
Research has shown that static electricity stored by the body can have a negative effect on sleep quality. Lowering the body's
static charge helps the body rid itself of tension and improves the quality of sleep. Dr. Chris Idzikowsi , one of the world's leading specialists in sleep research demonstrated that people sleeping on static reducing Intense were better rested and required less sleep.

Features & Construction
Quilted Removable Static-Reducing *Tencel-Intense Ticking, Acaria Anti-Microbial Dustmite Barrier, Amicor Pure, 1 Quiltflex Foam and a Non-Skid Bottom.                         
3" Of Open Cell Visco Memory Foam,  6" High Performance Base Foam Layer.

9 VersiFlex Wood (assembly required)

Note: This Mattress is vacuum packed and rolled for shipping, *The zippered, removable cover can be dry cleaned only, (organic dry cleaning is recommended)

Available Sizes:  Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King

Warranty:  20 Year Limited. Made in the USA.

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