Silk Filled Pillow Pad 100% Pure Silk Inside and Out
Transform any pillow into a luxurious silk topped pillow with our unique pure silk pillow pad, filled with “100% Grade A double strand Mulberry Silk” and covered in pure silk charmeuse fabric! Grade A silk has a natural pearl white color that does not require any chemicals during processing. The silk floss in our pillow pad is extremely soft, breathable and naturally temperature regulating that affords a comfortable nights sleep.

Helps Maintain Moisture Balance to Skin & Hair

If you like the feel of sleeping on a silk pillowcase, you will absolutely love the additional added comfort of our pure silk pillow pad. A great way to further enhance the moisture preserving benefits of silk to your skin and hair.

Our unique pure silk pillow pad can transform any existing pillow into a luxurious silk topped pillow. The natural cellular albumen in silk helps to speed up the metabolism in your skin and helps to delay the aging process.

100% Hypoallergenic For Those With Allergies.
Pure silk is naturally hypoallergenic all-natural and sensuously soft. Silk has been proven to be an effective barrier against dust mites, fungus, mold, bacteria, and allergens.

Available Size: Standard 20" x 26"

Available Color: white

Care Instructions: spot clean


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