Silk Filled Pillows by Kumi KooKoon
Double Filled Silk Pillows or
Regular Filled Silk Pillows

Experience pure indulgence with these luxurious silk filled pillows, covered in white 19 momme charmeuse silk, and filled with layers and layers of the finest quality Grade "A" 100% pure hand pulled mulberry silk.

Contains Beneficial Amino Acids For Your Skin
Silk contains 18 amino acids that are beneficial to the skin and hair. These Kumi KooKoon Silk-Filled pillows are cool and soft and because they are thin they are great for use over your existing pillow.

100% Hypoallergenic For Those With Allergies.
Because silk is a natural fiber, silk filled pillows are hypoallergenic and great for those with allergies or those who are allergic to down or wool. If you have never slept on a pure silk filled pillow, and are ready for a new experience, this is the pillow for you.

"there is something magical about silk."Regular Fill
Pillow Sizes Dimension Weight Loft
Baby 8" X 14" 5.5 oz. 2"
Boudoir 12" X 16" 11oz. 2"
Standard 20" X 26" 30 oz. 2"
Queen 20" X 30" 33 oz. 2"
King 20" X 36" 40 oz. 2"

Double Filled
Pillow Sizes Dimension Weight Loft
Boudoir 12" X 16" 16 oz. 4"
Standard 20" X 26" 42 oz. 4"
Queen 20" X 30" 49 oz. 4"
King 20" X 36" 60 oz. 4"

Regular Fill
Double Fill
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