Best Side Sleeper Pillow - Designed for people who sleep on their side.
If you are a side sleeper and have tried other pillows that have not worked, have flattened out or have become less supportive over time, you will be happy to know that our pillow is not just another side sleeper pillow. It really works! And no, one size does not fit all. It is available in three heights - 3" 4" and 5". If you need help determining what height will work best for you, feel free to call us and we will make some suggestions on how to best measure. Should you choose the wrong size, we will exchange it for another.

Our pillow is warrantied to stay supportive for five years from the date of purchase. If over the five year period it should become less supportive, contact us for a replacement pillow.

“Thanks for the side sleeping pillow. It is so nice to wake up without a stiff neck in the mornings! It's the best pillow I have ever tried!
- P. Heath, Kansas City, MO
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(5) Five-Year Replacement Warranty

Comes with a 5-year warranty that guarantees your pillow will remain supportive over a five year period. If it does not remain supportive for any reason you may exchange your pillow for a replacement within 5-years from the original date of purchase.

Highest Quality Materials
Made in the USA from a proprietary formulation of the highest quality heat sensitive memory foam available and covered in a zippered removable soft stretch cotton velour.

Full Facial Cradle
Reduces pressure on the ear and jaw, helping to relax your facial area. Gently cradles your face, providing comfort and support.

Left & Right Air Paths
Maximizes airflow to improve breathing and help
reduce snoring.

12-Degree Shoulder Cradle
Provides orthopedically correct support for your head and neck to maintain spinal alignment. Reduces body weight impact on the shoulder increasing blood flow to your arms, regardless whether you sleep on you left or right side.

Made In The USA