Proper Pillow by Dr. Rick Loos
Back Sleeper Pillow

Our Proper Pillow is specifically designed to promote proper back, neck and spine alignment, providing a more restful and comfortable night’s sleep. Proper Pillow combines comfort with corrective and rejuvenating therapeutic properties that can help restore your spines correct alignment while your sleeping.
  • Dual height patent pending inner orthotic
  • Cool comfort sleeve around inner orthotic
  • Helps maintain 20-40° cervical curve
  • Designed for side and back sleeping
  • Removable, washable outer cotton cover
Maintains Normal 20 - 40° Cervical Curve
A healthy human spine has three distinct curves that allow nerve energy to flow freely from the brain into the limbs and organs. Not sleeping on the correct pillow can disrupt this essential flow of energy. Through it’s science-based design the Proper pillow encourages healthy nerve energy flow resulting in a rejuvenating restful sleep.

Five Years and 77 Prototypes to Get it Right
The Proper Pillow was designed to support the natural curve of your neck while sleeping on your back, with your head placed in the center of the pillow’s soft inner orthotic. Moving your head to the outer edge of the pillow will provide the proper support while sleeping on your side.

It took five years and 77 different prototypes to get the correct feel, density and the right ratio to create the pillow. The patent pending inner orthotic is composed of a low density proprietary blend of memory foam for the perfect support. The orthotic is what gives this pillow the integrity, that enables optimum alignment.

Removable Cover and Cool Comfort Sleeve
The proper pillow’s inner foam orthotic is encased in a removable “cool comfort sleeve” that is filled with hollow polyester fiber that will channel any heat buildup that may be associated with sleeping on some memory type foams. The “cool comfort inner cover” with the inner foam orthotic inside, is then covered with a quilted cotton, zippered removable outer cover, that is washable.

Available Size: Standard (Approx.) 26" x 14"

Outer Zippered Cover: quilted cotton
Inner Cool Cover: cotton and hollow polyester fiber
Inner Orthotic: proprietary blend of memory foam
Height: 5" on one side and 4" on the other
Weight: 3.5 lbs

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