Wood Pet Steps with Storage
 High Quality Hard Wood

Our Decorative Pet Steps are designed to complement any home decor and assist your pet in reaching his favorite couch, chair or bed. Constructed of solid, Eco-Friendly hardwood from the latex tree, they are incomparable in quality to other wooden pet steps. Espresso or Mahogany stained with furniture quality poly finish and covered with carpeted tread. These stylish dog steps will reduce the strain caused by repetitive jumping and save wear and tear on your pet's joints and spine. Each step opens for convenient storage. Measures 27" x 18" x 21". Easy assembly is required.
No More Bending to Pick Your Pet Up
Our Decorative Pet Steps can support up to 200 pounds and feature protective pads on the bottom of the steps to prevent sliding, scratching or damaging floors. The carpeting on each step will insure that your dog or cat will not slip as he climbs to his perch. These space saving dog steps take up less room than ramps and can be positioned either to the side or front of your pet's favorite resting spot. Pet Steps are durable and resilient, and can be carried from room to room when needed. No more bending and straining to pick your pet up or lift him down from high spots. More independence for your pet means less stress on your back and less potential damage to your furniture from paws and claws.

Absorb Impact Caused by Jumping
Pet steps are recommended by veterinarians for preventative as well as rehabilitative reasons. Puppies, older and arthritic dogs and even young, healthy dogs (and cats) are all susceptible to spinal and joint injuries. Breeds with long spines and short legs or problems such as hip dysplasia , disc disease, sensitive bones and joints or wobbler's syndrome, are particularly vulnerable to stress injuries. Crown Pet Products Pet Steps absorb much of the shock and impact caused by jumping, reduce the risk of joint and bone damage and offer assistance to aging, overweight or injured pets with limited mobility. For animals recovering from injury or surgery, dog steps reduce the risk of additional injury and aid in hastening recuperation and healing.

Available Color: Discontinued

Warranty: 1 Year Limited

Dimensions Top Step Height Depth Width Weight  
3 Step model* 21" 27" 18" 35 lbs  
*Allows access to beds up to 32 in height

Note: not recommended for pets with behavioral problems, especially chronic chewing.

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