Pet Steps with Storage
Mahogany or Espresso

Constructed of hard wood from the latex tree, with a polyurethane finish. Available in mahogany or espresso and covered with densely piled carpeted tread. Our Pet Steps will save wear and tear on your pet's spine and joints by reducing the strain caused by repetitive jumping.

Mr. Herzher's Rhino-wicker™ Pet Residence

Finally an Indoor Pet Residence / dog crate you won't want to hide out of view in the utility room or basement. This pet home is an attractive improvement over a standard metal crate. Just like people, dogs like to have a private, secluded place of their own. The Mr. Herzher's Pet Residence / dog crate is an ideal choice.

Mr. Herzher's Rhino-wicker™ Litter Pan Cover / Pet Retreat

You can now hide your cat's litter box in plain sight! You'll want to show off this attractive Rhino-wicker™ Litter Box Cover. Imagine having your cat's litter box complement the beauty of your home. This stylish Litter Box Cover will fit any decor. It hides your cat's unsightly litter box. The woven resin Rhino-wicker™ covering, with the look of real wicker, won't absorb fluids or odors and is easy to clean with soap and water.
Craftsman Series Feline Furniture
Decorative Cat Perches and
Cat Scratching Platforms

Mr. Herzher's Feline Furniture finely crafted cat perches, and sisal scratching surfaces will offer your cat a cozy space of his or her own. A welcome alternative to divert scratching on your furniture and carpets. Available in Early American solid wood finish, these large cushioned lounging areas are covered with long-lasting micro-fiber suede in a rich, neutral color. Felt padding on the base of both the cat perches and cat scratching platforms will guard against scratches and damage to both tile and hardwood floors.

Fauna Sauna™
Fauna Sauna Safe, Healing Heat for Pets

Dogs, and cats will naturally seek out the healing warmth of the FaunaSauna™, a unique new product designed to create the same healing powers as the rays of the sun, without your pet leaving the house. Weighing less than 10 lbs., FaunaSauna™ gives off gentle and safe far infrared heat to improve the health of a sick or injured pet and maximize a healthy pet's well-being and comfort.

Petzlife Products Inc.
Anesthesia-Free Teeth Cleaning Products
for Dogs and Cats
PetzLife Oral Care Spray or PetzLife Oral Care Gel destroys plaque and the harmful bacteria associated with it. Petzlife Oral Care Spray and Oral Care Gel is 100% natural. The primary ingredient is grapefruit seed extract, assuring safety for all breeds of dogs and cats. When sprayed on your pets teeth, this all-natural formula immediately softens tartar and plaque.

HyaFlex™100% Natural Oral Hyaluronic
Acid For Dogs And Cats Joint Health

HyaFlex™ contains hyaluronic acid that acts as a lubricant and shock absorber for joints and tissues, and will improve your pet's joint movement and mobility. As your dog or cat ages their bodies produce less and less hyaluronic acid (HA) resulting in the breakdown of cartilage and other structure parts of the joint. This means pain for your pet, along with stiff, joints and constrained movement. HyaFlex supplies the needed hyaluronic acid for your pet's joint health.

Antibiotic-Free Dog Tear Stain Removal

EyePack combines two effective antibiotic-free products; gentle eye cleansing pads to safely cleanse the eye area, and most importantly a nutritional, dietary supplement to boost your pets immune system to help eradicate the bacteria that lead to yeast infections that cause excessive tearing and discoloration.

Scooop Mate™ Scented Pet Waste Bags

Enjoy walking your dog, make cleaning after your dog simple, and prevent water pollution with Scooop Mate™ Scented Pet Waste Bags!!

Lectro-Temp Control™

Allows the reduction of the degree of warmth. Recommended whenever Lectro-Kennel pads are used for whelping, puppies, elderly or recovering pets.

Outdoor Heated Pad Cover™ For use with theK & H Lectro Kennel™.

Outdoor Heated Kitty Pad Cover™
For use in conjunction with ourOutdoor Heated Kitty Pad™.