The Organic Bedroom

probably heard of organic gardening and organic food, but have you ever heard of the organic bedroom? If not, you had better study up. Organic bedrooms have become all the rage these days, and unlike most fads, there is real methodology behind the concept. Organic bedrooms are all about healthy, clean living.

Why Create an Organic Bedroom?
We will spend approximately one-third of our lives in our bedrooms. It only makes sense to take steps to ensure that we are surrounded by the healthiest and cleanest environment possible. This means getting rid of all of the common airborne pollution that permeate our lives and our sleeping quarters.

Dust mites, mold, mildew, fungi, viruses, bacteria, and other volatile organic compounds can be found in the very air that we breathe and need to be eliminated. These airborne allergens can lower our energy levels and compromise our immune systems, causing both long and short term damage to our health.

How to Create an Organic Bedroom
If you want to create a healthier sleeping space, the first thing you will need to do is tackle the bed. Since this is where you spend the most time when you are in the room, this piece of furniture is most dangerous to your health.

If you don't currently have a natural latex mattress, you need to get one. Mattresses that are made from latex that is at least 97 percent natural are dust-mite proof, and best yet, antimicrobial and anti-bacterial. If you have a latex allergy, then this quite obviously isn't the avenue for you. Instead, you should invest in a natural or organic cotton mattress.

Now that you have a new mattress, you will want to avoid using your old mattress pad, sheets, and pillows. You will be much better off purchasing new ones made of wool, latex, natural cotton, organic cotton, and other natural materials. At all costs, you should avoid products, such as comforters and pillows that contain down. These products do not dry out quickly and have a tendency to promote
mold, fungi, and other allergens.

You may also want to take steps to
replace other bedroom accessories, such as carpet and drapery with more people-friendly materials like ceramic tile, untreated wood, and other organic fibers that are easily washed. An air purifier that uses HEPA filtration will also significantly cut down on the number of pollutants that invade your space and help create an organic bedroom that promotes good health.