Oreck Halo Commercial UV-C
Germ Killing Vacuum Cleaner

Oreck Halo is the only light weight upright commercial vacuum cleaner that not only removes dust and dirt but also kills germs. The Oreck Halo uses a patented ultraviolet UV-C light chamber technology tested and proven to destroy and remove many common microbes, such as mold, E. coli, MRSA, rhinovirus,bacteria and 90% of dust mite eggs and flea eggs, from all floor types, rugs, carpeting, tile, and hardwood flooring.
Approved For Use by the Carpet and Rug Institute
The Oreck Halo commercial vacuum cleaner is perfect for every commercial and industrial application. Can be used in large homes retail stores, hotels, motels, hospitals, and veterinarian offices, anywere a longer lasting and more duable vacuum cleaner is needed. Weighing only 17 pounds the Oreck Halo can easily be transported from room to room. With the touch of a button, the roller brush engages or disengages, allowing you to seamlessly go from carpets to bare floors. It features a 34 foot long grounded power cord it has 5 manual carpet height adjustment settings and on board atachments that include a 13 foot detachable hose, crevice tool, and brush that quickly click-lock into place and lets you easily clean stairs, drapes, furniture, corners and other hard to reach places. The Oreck Halo is approved for use by the Carpet and Rug Institute, the Oreck Halo passes rigorous tests for soil removal, dust containment and carpet appearance.

True HEPA13 Self-Sealing Disposal Filter Bag
The Oreck Halo features two powerful motors. The first motor drives the powerful roller brush bringing debris and germs up and exposing them to the UV-C light The second motor generates strong suction to quickly trap dirt and microbes into the self-sealing " Saniseal" True HEPA13 disposal filter bag which capture 99.95% of particles down to 0.3 microns. The UV-C 35 watt bulb will provide approximately 8,000 hours of use and should not need to be replaced for years. Designed to emit UV rays at 253.7 nanometers, the precise germicidal bandwidth proven to deactivate the DNA of micro-organisms and destroy their ability to reproduce and cause disease. The Oreck Halo has a comfortable grip and telescoping handle with power button make it easy to turn the UV-C light on and off.

50,000 Hotels Throughout The World Use Oreck
Oreck Corporation began as a company manufacturing upright vacuum cleaners for the hotel industry in the U.S. The concept was to design a lightweight yet powerful and durable vacuum that hotel housekeepers would prefer to very heavy models available to them. The idea proved so successful that now over 50,000 hotels throughout the world use Oreck vacuums. After a short time, hotel personnel asked to buy the machines for their own use, which gave the Oreck Corporation the idea to sell its unique products to the general public.

Specifications HALO100C
High-output UV-C Light: 35 watt UV-C bulb
Motor Speed: 35,000 RPM
Roller Brush Speed: 5,000 RPM
Vacuum Width: 14 inches
Weight: 17 lbs.
Product Dimension: 13 x 14 x 44.
Power Cord: 34 feet
Filter: HEPA dust bag
Headlights: 5 LED bulbs
Carpet Height Adjustment: Manual, 5 levels

On-Board Attachments:13 ft. detachable hose,crevice tooland brush that quickly click-lock into place.

Warranty:1 year on vacuum & 2 years on UV-C builb

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