What is Oeko-Tex® 100

Textiles are an integral part of our lives. We wear them as clothes. They touch our skin as sheets and blankets. And they decorate our homes as curtains and rugs. So it's important to know whether or not the textiles you buy are safe. That's why the
Oeko-Tex® standard was independently established in 1992. Using the most sophisticated laboratory testing technology, it ensures that the materials meeting its criteria are free of substances that could be harmful to your health.

The Oeko-Tex Standard, with its 100+ testing parameters, is accepted worldwide as reliable certification for textile production in an environmentally responsible way. It is NOT a certification of organic quality - synthetically manufactured fabrics can also qualify. The meticulous evaluation process considers such factors as energy consumption, use of fossil fuels and/or ozone-depleting chemicals, water contamination, acidification of soil and water, workplace contamination, emissions, noise, and usage of dangerous chemical products.

At Beyondbeds.com, we are proud to indicate all of the textile products we sell that meet or surpass the requirements Oko-Tex Standard 100 - your reliable assurance that the materials are safe and were manufactured in compliance with environmentally responsible guidelines. We are proud to offer products that have been tested to be safe, from such manufacturers as:

Down Decor: Vancouver White Goose Down Density Pillow

Down Decor: Down Topped Feather Bed

DreamSacks: 250 Thread Count Bamboo Bedding

Home Source International: 250 Thread Count Bamboo Bedding

GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Sheets: Organic Cotton Sheets made in Portugal