Nasal Breathe Aid by SleepRight

Gently Opens Nasal Passages to
Increase Airflow, Reduce Snoring
& Relieve Nasal Congestion

New SleepRight Nasal Breathe Aids can help you get a more restful night's sleep, by gently opening your nasal passages for increased airflow! Its flexible flares have a gentle spring-like action that gently expands your nostrils, enabling you to breathe more comfortably while you sleep. If snoring or nasal congestion has been making it more difficult for you to fall asleep or stay asleep, SleepRight Nasal Breathe Aids can help!

" It's easy to use and it really works! If you're tired of being tired, try SleepRight Nasal Breathe Aids. My wife thanks you too, because she is also sleeping a lot better since I stopped snoring!"

Alan - Spring Valley, NY

Chronically Impaired Sleep Can Be a Health Hazard
If you suffer from nasal congestion due to colds, allergies, or a deviated septum, then you know how much that can ruin the quality of your sleep. You snore and you sleep more fitfully because breathing itself becomes more of a chore. And the next day, you feel bleary, fatigued - like a walking zombie. But it gets even worse - because chronic low-grade sleep stresses your body and has been linked to depression and even heart disease.

Safe, Simple and Drug-Free!
Some people resort to expensive surgery or take pills to sleep more peacefully, but SleepRight Nasal Breathe Aids can do the job for less, more comfortably, and with no need for a doctor's visit or prescription. Whether you have a chronic snoring problem (as 90 million Americans do), or just need some safe, effective relief from temporary sinus congestion, this ingenious new breathing aid can help!

Better than External Adhesive Strips!
Here's why: SleepRight Nasal Breathe Aids are adhesive-free, so there's no blemishing, skin irritation, misplacement, or slippage due to the skin's natural excretion of oil and sweat. These " soft-rubber coated nasal expanders automatically fit and stay in place due to their gentle spring-like action. Unlike external nasal breathing aids, SleepRight Nasal Breathe Aids allow more than just one chance for correct placement. With external strips, the adhesive quality is greatly diminished after the first placement -- and often inadequate on oily or moist skin.

A Better Value Too!
SleepRight Nasal Breathe Aids are reusable, so they're more economical than external nasal expanders. Each insert lasts for about 15 days - so why not get a more effective and longer-lasting solution for your money?

Care & Cleaning: Clean with cool water and mild soap after each use. Dry thoroughly and store in the provided case. Each breathe aid should last 15-days. Replace it if you notice discoloration, breakage or weakening.

Available in one size: Fits most adults.

One Box Includes: 2 breathe aids, 1 storage case and instructions. Made exclusively in the USA.

Note: Not intended for use if under the age of 12.

Important Update: Due to increased manufacturing and labor costs in the United State, SleepRight as of January 2022, had decided to discontinue the (60 day three pack) and replaced it with a (40 day NEW longer lasting 2 pack). For more information regarding this change please call us 888-774-4046. Any three packs available on other websites are old stock and will soon be depleted.

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