Mr. Herzher's Rhino-wicker
Litter Pan Cover / Pet Retreat

You can now hide your cat's litter box in plain sight! You'll want to show off this attractive Rhino-wicker Litter Box Cover. Imagine having your cat's litter box complement the beauty of your home. This stylish Litter Box Cover will fit any decor. It hides your cat's unsightly litter box. The woven resin Rhino-wicker covering, with the look of real wicker, won't absorb fluids or odors and is easy to clean with soap and water. It is structured with a sturdy steel wire internal frame.
Benefits & Features:

Easy Access And Privacy For Your Pet
The litter box cover / pet retreat features include a hinged door for easy access, a drop-down front panel that opens from the top down, and built-in rails that make it easy to slide the litter pan out for sifting or refilling. The non-skid feet won't scuff or scratch your floors. The unit accommodates readily available size litter pans / boxes. (Litter box not included) The high opening provides easy access with unlimited privacy. It is known to keep all but the most aggressive " scratchers" from tracking litter all over. By substituting a pad for the litter box, this product can also be used as a cozy retreat for your pet.

Suggested Cat Breeds:
Persian, Himalayan, Siamese, Bengal, Maine Coon, Ragdoll Pixie Bob, Russian Blue,Manx, Munchkin, Sphynx, Calico Abyssinia, Devon Rex, Birman, Savannah, Desert Lynx Tonkinese, Exotic Shorthair, Egyptian Mau, British Shorthair

Available colors: light or dark rattan.

Size Dimensions Accommodates litter box


16" Deep x 20" Wide x 19" High

 15" wide x 18" long
Jumbo 18" Deep x 23" Wide x 20" High  17" wide x 22" long

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