K&H Thermo Pet Mat
Have you ever wondered why your dog or cat seeks out the sun spot in your house to nap? The explanation is simple. The body temperature of both dogs and cats is higher than yours. Even though your air conditioned home may be just right for you it is not just right for your pets. A heated Thermo Pet Mat or Ortho Thermo Pet Bed is the answer for your pet's comfort. Did you know that a pet bed would help prevent your dog or cat from using your chair or coach to nap on? The comfort of a heated pet bed will make a favorite resting place for your pet.
Benefits & Features:

How it Works
The Thermo Pet Mat is controlled by a dual thermostat that keeps the temperature to a comfortable 102° of warmth when in use by your pet. The Thermo Pet Mat provides welcomed comfort for any small dog or cat. It measures 14 x 28, and the removable cover, available in mocha and sage is washable.

The Thermo Pet Mat is of special benefit for older arthritic dogs and cats and those with joint problems. The therapeutic warmth eases muscle pain for active dogs and cats and encourages circulation. If you live in a part of the country that is cold, your pet will enjoy curling up on a heated Thermo Pet Mat. Veterinarians and pet experts recommend year-round use of heated pet mats and beds.

Available Sizes:  Small  14" x 28"

  One-year Limited Warranty.

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