SUB-0° SoftCell™ Chill Pillows - Down Alternative with Gel & Memory Foam or Gel & Talalay Latex

Our reversible fully washable SoftCell cool pillow offers two distinct levels of cool comfort. First the top side is filled with PureCare’s exclusive “Identically Down™” a down alternative and plush Tencel® fiber. The combination of these two fibers provide cool cloud like support. The under side of our SoftCell Chill Pillow offers even a higher level of cooling from the layer of cooling gel and memory foam or cooling gel and latex.
SoftCell FRíO Rapid Chill Cooling Fiber Cover
The quilted outer cover is zippered on one end for easy removal of the machine washable inner down alternative filled pillow, and the non washable removable Cool Gel and foam comfort layer. PureCare's exclusive FRiO™ rapid chill mineral-based cooling fibers woven into the Tencel® cover material, are cool to the touch and designed to funnel heat away from the head and neck.

Filled with Down Alternative & Tencel®
Experience cloud-like support from twelve individualy quilted pockets, filled with a blend of exclusive plush down alternative (“Identically Down™”) combined with pure Tencel® fibers for optimal support and cool comfort.

Cool Gel & Talalay Latex or Memory Foam
Our SUB-0 SoftCell reversible pillow can be used on either side, the soft quilted side or the Cool Gel wrapped foam side. Available in Latex or Memory foam.

Certified - Free of Harmful Chemicals
Our SUB-0° SoftCell™ pillow meets the stringent Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, an international certification that sets limits for over 100 harmful chemicals, substances and emissions in textiles.”It's the only valid certification of its kind and tests for compounds ranging from harmful heavy metals like lead and arsenic, to many known allergy inducing and irritating chemicals. The list includes pesticides, phthalates and dyes.

Outer Zippered Cover: FRiO™ Rapid Chill mineral based cooling fibers woven into Tencel® material, dermatologically tested and clinically proven antimicrobial silver chloride protection, inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.

Pillow Fill: blend of down alternative called “Identically Down™” and plush Tencel® fibers.

Inner Pillow Fill: down alternative, Identically Down™ (Removable)

Bottom Cooling Layer: Cooling gel and premium memory foam or Talalay latex foam (Removable)

Available Sizes: Standard 24" x 16", Queen 28" x 16"

Warranty: 5 year limited warranty against material defects

SUB-0° Pillow - Memory Foam
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