Dog Gone Smart Bed
Donut-Shaped Dog Bed
with Nanotechnology

The Dog Gone Smart bed is a unique, environmentally-friendly dog bed that utilizes nanotechnology and active silver to maintain a clean, fresh, antimicrobial sleeping surface for your pet. Taking a cue from nature, Nanosphere is a finely structured textile finish that mimics the ability of certain plants (like the lotus) to repel dirt and foreign substances from their surface and " self-clean."
NanoSphere Technology Resists Dirt and Odor
Non-toxic and environmentally safe, the Dog Gone Smart bed eliminates odors by preventing urine, soil and pet coat oil from adhering to its fabric, and requires less washing and dries faster than traditional pet beds.

NanoSphere is a Bluesign approved technology that is compliant with global environmental, health and safety (EHS) standards. The Bluesign criteria guarantees that the most economical use of resources and the greatest possible exclusion of substances harmful to human/environmental health have been maintained in the manufacturing of the Dog Gone Smart bed.

Remains 100% Functional Even After 60 Washings.
The donut-shaped Dog Gone Smart bed is filled with a slick " high-loft" poly fiber, which is more resilient and less liable to flatten out than standard polyfill. The active silver ions embedded in the breathable, abrasion-resistant Nanosphere fabric have anti-bacterial and odor controlling properties. Silver naturally maintains the skin's balance and prevents allergies, and because moisture glides off the Dog Gone Smart surface, your dog will be less likely to feel itchy, damp or uncomfortable. Accidents, dirt and spills can be easily wiped or rinsed off with a little water.

The Dog Gone Smart bed requires infrequent laundering and will remain 100% functional even after 60 washings. Because NanoSphere fabric requires lower washing temperatures and one sixth the drying time of common fabrics, the savings in water, energy, and detergent are beneficial to the environment as well as your household.

The lotus leaf has the natural ability to repel water and dirt.

Nanotechnology causes liquids, oils and dirt to roll off the surface of the fabric.

Exceptionally Long Lasting
The Dog Gone Smart bed features a soft cotton cover, in your choice of 5 colors. This exceptionally long lasting, comfortable and health-conscious dog bed will keep even the most active dog's sleep area, and your house, smelling clean and fresh.

Size Outer Dimension Inner Dimension Recommended Weight


25" x 22" x 7 high

   15 x 13"

   up to 20 lbs
Medium32" x 27" x 7" high   21 x 15"    up to 50 lbs
Large39" x 33" x 7" high   28 x 20"    up to 70 lbs

Note: Dog Gone Smart beds are machine washable and dryable.

Note: Please allow 7 - 10 days for delivery.

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