Dog Cooling and Warming Pad
Our ChiliPad4Dogs™ is a revolutionary cooling and warming pad all in one, designed to provide soothing lasting cool relief on those hot summer days, when your dog is panting or suffering from heat exhaustion. Unlike other less well developed and less costly dog cooling products, our "ChiliPad for Dogs" works using semi-conductor technology that retains it's powerful cooling benefit regardless of the ambient temperature, that limits the ongoing cooling effect of most other non powered dog cooling products.

Keep Your Pet Comfortable all Year Round.
This innovative cooling and warming pad keeps your pet cool by providing a surface cooler to lay on than your pet's body temperature, helping to draw heat from underneath the pet's body. Dogs naturally cool from the bottom up. The pad keeps your pet warm by helping to retain your pets normal body temp of 103 throughout those very cold winter months. The pad is constructed with built in channels to allow a continual stream of water to circulate through the pad. Your pet will not be discomforted in any way by these channels, but will definitely appreciate the needed warmth or coolness. The pad is topped with a double layer of canvas and measures 27" x 36". Replacement pads are available.


Wireless Remote Allows for Easy Temp. Control.
Your pet's pad temperature is controlled with the touch of a button. The small wireless remote control included with your system allows you to regulate the pad’s surface temperature within 1 degree increments between 60 to 100 degrees fahrenheit. This provides a safe and comfortable temperature range for most dogs. As the water flows by the sensor chip in the control unit, it is either heated or cooled to the designated temperature. It's easy to use, automatic, and safe for your precious pet. Such delight and comfort is also available for people. Click Here

Available Size: 27" x 36". NOT recommended for very small dogs, puppies or dogs that chew.

Warranty: 2 year manufacturer's | ETL listed. (90 day Money Back Guarantee)

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