Décor Friendly Dog Beds

Pets enjoy luxury just as much as their human counterparts. If you want to keep your dog from sitting on your bed, couch, or other furniture, you have two choices: hire an expensive animal trainer or buy a pet bed.

Designer Pet Beds
When most people think of pet beds, they automatically think of shapeless, plaid covered lumps that are unattractive to the human eye and unappealing to most pets. While such beds are quite common, they are not the only type of dog beds on the market.

Today's beds are much more aesthetically pleasing and come complete with designer fabrics and textures. In fact, some beds, like those manufactured by Bowsers Pet Products , look more like miniature pieces of furniture than anything else. And because dog beds now come covered in so many different colors and prints, you should have no problem matching your pet's furniture to your home's décor .

Though you may appreciate the way a dog bed looks, your pet will be most concerned with the way the dog bed feels. This is why it is imperative for you to find something that is both decorative and comfortable. Some of the most recommended choices include beds that are covered in Microvelvet, a breathable material that stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

To maximize the life of the dog bed, you may also wish to purchase a bed that contains memory foam. A memory foam dog bed is extraordinarily comfortable for your pet and will not change shape, sag, or flatten no matter how long or how often your dog uses it.

Decorative Dog Crates
Some dogs like to be on their bed out in the open, but others enjoy having a space they can call their own. If your dog likes to den in a dog crate or if you need to keep your pet out of certain rooms while you are gone, a decorative dog crate can serve this need while accommodating your décor.

Crates, orpet residencesas they are sometimes called, used to be made of metal or plastic. Nowadays, these pet accessories are made of more attractive and more pet-friendly materials. If you are thinking about purchasing a crate for the first time or if you wish to update your pet's current crate, consider buying on of these decorative pieces. You will appreciate the look and your pet will appreciate the safe haven you provide.