Cool Bed III by K&H
Unlike a fluffy dog bed that is designed to retain heat to keep a dog warm, the Cool Bed III is designed to radiate heat back into the air or the floor surface to keep a dog cool. The water-saturated Cool Core inside the Cool Bed diverts the liquid better than ever. The Cool Bed III absorbs your dog's natural body temperature of 102° Fahrenheit and coverts it to room temperature, which is normally well below your dog's body temperature. The difference created between the room temperature and your dog's body temperature is how the Cool Bed provides a cool, refreshing surface for your pet. Even if it is 80°F in your home, the Cool Bed III is 22° cooler than a dog's 102° body temperature.

Cool Bed III Has Tremendous Cooling Power
The Cool Bed III provides a permanent, natural, cool spot for your dog, inside or outside in temperatures under 95° Fahrenheit without chemicals or electricity. The Cool Bed has tremendous cooling power - without refrigeration. It feels like a cold tile floor does on your bare feet. It readily absorbs heat from your dog, and dissipates this heat back to the surrounding air.

A Dog's Comfort Dream Come True!
Your pet enjoys a lasting, dry, and powerful cooling sensation. Year-round, many dogs look for a cool spot to lay on. Remember, even in the winter, the ambient temperature in your house is still warm, and your dog is wearing a fur coat! If you find your dog is lying on a hard floor at any time, the chances are very good that he is hot. Replace that hard, heat-trapping floor with the wonderful, cushy, cooling comfort of the Cool Bed III. The Cool Bed is a dog's comfort dream come true! A lasting cooling effect combined with fluid-enhanced comfort is a sensation that's bound to leave your dog grinning from ear to ear!

Maintenance Free and Easy to Clean
The Cool Bed III provides ongoing healthy therapy for your pet. It is superb at comforting dogs with bad joints, bad hips, skin disorders, or other health conditions in which a soft, cooling effect is desirable. The technology is simple, very functional, completely enjoyable, and totally unique. Fill one time with water, this bed is maintenance free and easily wiped clean. Fleas 
cannot burrow or lay eggs in this bed. Yet it's more than simply a dog bed - it's a canine comfort zone.

Note: All bolster sheets and fitted sheets have been discontinued by the Manufacturer.

Available Cool Bed III Sizes: Dimensions: Weight Limit:


17" x 24" X 1.5

for dogs up to 25 lbs.
Medium 22" x 32" X 1.5 for dogs up to 60 lbs.
Large 32" x 44" X 1.5 for dogs over 60 lbs.
Two-year Limited Warranty.

Available Bed Colors: Blue - Grey has been discontinued by the Manufacturer. is an Authorized Retailer of K&H Products.

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