ChiliCloud™ Pillows
Coconut Memory Foam 3D Gel Pillow

Our Chili Cloud Pillow is made using a unique Eco Science technology process that blends coconut oil with a high quality breathable open cell memory foam. The foam is seamlessly fused with an optional layer of cool soothing "3D Gel" available in single sided or no gel at all. The Tencel™zippered removable washable cover, helps prevent the growth of bacteria in a natural way.
High-Density Coconut Memory Foam
Our Chili/Cloud pillow is constructed of 6.5 pound high-density open cell, breathable Visco-elastic memory foam blended with 30% natural coconut oil to reduce the petroleum content. This unique formulation creates a pressure reactive foam that provides maximum support and comfort.

3D Gel Layer(s) Stays Cool to the Touch
Unique heat dissipating gel technology provides a cool soothing pressure relieving surface. Unlike traditional memory foam pillows, our ChiliCloud™ Pillow with it’s 3D urethane gel layer technology will provide a cool refreshing sleep area, sustaining a cool soothing comfort to your head and neck.

Removable Washable TENCEL® Cover
Tencel® is a branded lyocell fiber that comes from the pulp of eucalyptus trees. The 40-percent Tencel® cover is hypoallergenic and can easily be removed for laundering. Tencel® absorbs excess liquid produced by perspiration (50% more moisture than cotton) and quickly releases it again into the atmosphere, keeping the pillow cover dry and cool.

Pillow Configuration Options  
Available Size: Queen
Dual Sided
Pillow with 3D Gel on Two Sides (Discontinued April 2014)
Single Sided Pillow with 3D Gel on One Side (Discontinued Jan 2015)
No Gel Pillow No Gel All Foam (One Size 28" x 16" x 6")

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