Original Kon Tiki Coconut Pillow by Churchill & Smith Made in the USA
A foam pillow infused with 30% coconut milk fillers, our Kon Tiki Coconut Pillow is considered to be one of the most comfortable pillows available and is hand made in the USA. This soft foam pillow feels much like latex because of it’s springy soft feel. The inner foam core is made in Italy and exported to Ventura California where it is wrapped in a removable washable outer organic cotton and polyester stretch knit cover for ultimate elasticity and breathability.
No Petroleum Based Synthetics - 30% Coconut
The inner foam core of our Kon Tiki pillow is imported from Italy and meets a high European standard to be free from petroleum based synthetics. The soft foam core is infused with 30% coconut milk making it naturally anti-microbial and anti-fungal. The infusion of of coconut gives this pillow a very unique soft cool springy latex-like feel and pleasant fresh scent.

European Designed Cover - Hand Made in the USA
The Kon Tiki Coconut Pillow features a gusseted zippered removable outer cover crafted from a blend of organic cotton and polyester stretch knit fabric for the optimum elasticity and softness. Each Kon Tiki pillow is individually sealed in an outer eco friendly bag that cannot be opened without completely cutting the packaging open. This ensures that every pillow that leaves the factory is untouched and completely sanitary when you receive it.

Who is Churchill & Smith?
For over 27 years, Churchill & Smith have been hand making European inspired products in the USA. All Churchill & Smith products are designed and constructed using the most natural and safest eco friendly materials available, providing the best supportive and restorative sleep experience possible.

Cover: organic cotton and polyester stretch knit hand made in the USA.

Core: 30% coconut milk fillers, 70% visco elastic foam imported from Italy - feels like soft latex not memory foam.

Available Size: Queen 29" x 19" x 5"

Warranty: 2 year limited warranty against material defects.

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