Did you know choosing the right pillow can actually make a big difference in the quality of your sleep? A good pillow will support your head in natural alignment with your spine, thus providing you with a more comfortable, better night's sleep. With all the pillows on the market, it can get a bit confusing as to which one to choose. Down, synthetic, memory foam, poly fiber or latex? There are a number of pillows with particular features. How about the Intense® Butterfly pillow that is manufactured by Sleep and Comfort Products™ Corporation that uses micro cushions technology and has a carbon fiber woven into the cover fabric, that actually lowers the body's static charge? Or how about a Mediflow® WaterBase® Pillow? These pillows are like tiny waterbeds, you can adjust the support by the amount of water you fill them with.

It is interesting to note that pillows are designed and constructed to address specific needs. Neck injuries often bring long lasting discomfort. The right pillow can change a restless night to a night of sleeping comfort. How comfortable is "your" pillow? Do you look forward to its greeting your head and neck? You may want to consider gettting a new pillow. Pillows become worn out with the wear and tear, beating, thumping and flipping they endure on a daily basis. With normal use and care, a natural fill pillow usually filled with goose down can last up to 10 years. Synthetic pillows on the other hand last just a couple of years. A good quality goose down, like the Down Decor™ Density Pillow is ususally considered the best type of pillow even for those with allergies. Look for pillows made with the patented process called hypo-cycle down™ using 4 cycle wash process which produces a hypo - allergenic product and meets all state and US department of agriculture (USDA) regulations for bedding manufacturing, importing and sterilization. Choose your new pillow based on the position in which you start your night's sleep. As a rule of thumb it goes like this: medium for back sleepers, firm for side, and soft for stomach. You may have to experiment to find the pillow right for you - one that gets you through the night in comfort.

Tonight: Try sleeping on a different pillow.

Later: Buy a
Mediflow® Fiber plus WaterBase® Pillow and see if it improves your sleep.

Neck Pain and Quality of Sleep Study

In a study in adults with chronic neck pain, conducted at a leading medical school, the
Mediflow® Fiber plus WaterBase® Pillow was associated with reduced morning pain intensity, increased pain relief and improved quality of sleep. Conclusion: the proper selection of a pillow can significantly reduce pain and improve sleep quality.