Chillspot® Thermodynamic Dog Cooling Station, Cooling Lasts Over 8+ Hours

Chillspot® cooling station will protect your pet from the harmful effects of summer heat, by providing a cool spot that will aid in regulating your pets core temperature. A longer lasting better solution to a cool tile or concrete floor that dogs are often drawn to, trying to cool down. Your pet will enjoy hours of cooling comfort indoors and outdoors.

Just like people, pets need relief from the harmfull effects of heat. But unlike their owners, pets have a fur coat they cannot remove, so on those 90+ degree days, being exposed to high temperatures indoors or out can potentially lead to heat exhaustion or heat stroke. If you love your pet like family protect them like family, with our Chillspot cooling station. Made in the USA

No Water, Batteries, or Electricity Required
Cools on the principle of thermodynamics. Unlike other beds that require water for cooling, (and possible leaks) the Chillspot is simple and easy to use and does not require water, batteries or electricity. A great place for your dog to cool off after a long walk or run. Use anywhere a cool spot is needed.

Remains Cool For Over 8 Hours
Freeze the specially designed Chillpod, overnight, slide the frozen Chillpod into the aluminum chill tile, and place the chill tile into the insulated base. When Chillspot stops cooling refreeze and replace with a frozen Chillpod. Frozen chillpods will last up to 8 hours in the. insulated base. Additional chillpods are available for purchase, so you always have one ready for use.

Durable Light Weight Insulated Base
The fully insulated plastic UV protected base with rubber, non skid feet works like an igloo cooler keeping the frozen non toxic, Chillpod cool. Can be used indoors or outdoors and will stay dry in low humidity.

Aluminum Chill Tile: powder-coated,T6-strength Plastic Base: UV-protected, HDPE R5-insulated Chillpod: plastic non-toxic, patented gel-filled

Warranty: LifeTime Limited Warranty

Single or Dual Size: Height: ChillSpot Weight
Single (qty. one ) 21” x 32“ 4” 20 lb.
*Dual (qty. two ) side by side for large dogs 32“ x 42” 4” 20 lb + 20 lb
*Note: for large dogs we recommend (the dual) two (21” x 32”) size placed side by side

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