Chillow - Pillow Cooler, Original Chillow, Chillow Plus, Mini Chillow
As Seen on Dr. Oz and Rachael Ray

The Chillow Plus cooling device utilizes the same technology as the original Chillow with additional features and benefits.
  • New Overall Softer Feel
  • New Hydro-Soothe Membrane Provides Double Sided Cooling
  • New Improved Soft Inner Core
  • Medical Grade Materials for Safety and Durability
  • No Refrigeration Required
Functions as a Personal Radiator to Absorb and Dissipate Body Heat, Made in the USA.
Slip a cooling Chillow Plus insert into your pillowcase to help you sleep cool and comfortably. Our Chillow's are safe, non-toxic and made in the USA by SoothSoft Innovations Worldwide, Inc., not to be confused with the "New as seen on TV version Chillow" that is made in China by Hampton Direct, Inc. Our Chillow cooling pillow pad requires no refrigeration and functions as a personal radiator to absorb and dissipate body heat back into the air while you rest. Our made in the USA version Chillow, Chillow Plus and Mini Chillow are non-toxic, they produce a dry and natural cooling effect that can be applied to a number of ailments, from headaches, to sunburns, hot flashes and night sweats . No more flipping your pillow on hot nights. Our Chillow's will work to keep you cool for hours. has been an authorized Chillow retailer since 2005. .

Soothing Cool Relief From Head, Neck and Back Pain, Migraines and Sinus Headaches.
Unlike ice packs and refrigerated gel pads , the Chillow Plus is cool, not cold, and designed to keep your pillow at a comfortable temperature, offering soothing relief from head and neck pain, migraines and sinus headaches. The Chillow Plus is initially activated by filling the port with water and then placed either on top or inside your pillowcase. The Chillow will pull heat away from your head to lower the surface temperature of your pillow to a level that is generally comfortable for most individuals. If desired, the Chillow Plus can be refrigerated (not frozen), for 15 minutes prior to use for an added cooling effect.

ChillowPlus Offers a Smooth, 2-Way Cooling, New Hydro-Soothe Surface
The Chillow Plus comes complete with 6 pairs of stick-on velcro fasteners to customize the device into a " stay-in-place" cooling wrap that can accommodate legs, arms, legs, even a child's torso. Constructed of upgraded materials that will stay soft and comfortable for years, the Chillow Plus offers a smooth, 2-way cooling, new HydroSoothe surface on the backside that will not stick or irritate the skin when used either on top of or inside your pillow.

The Mini Chillow is Half the Size, Great for Travel & Kids Love Them!
The Mini Chillow is lighter, transports easily for traveling and can be packed into a suitcase. It works great as a cool compress when wrapped around arms or legs to sooth injuries, ease sunburn or to alleviate insect bites and stings. Use it to help tooth pain and migrane headaches. Keep the Mini Chillow in the refrigerator for added coolness!. Kids love them, it's just the perfect size!

Note: The Chillow Plus has double sided cooling while the Chillow and Mini Chillow both have one sided cooling. All chillows are non-toxic and DEHP free and manufactured in a medical grade ISO compliant facility.

Note: When completely filled, the " Original Chillow" , and the " ChillowPlus" weigh 5 lbs.
the " Mini-Chillow " weighs 2 lbs. 14 oz.

Dimensions: the Original Chillow, and Chillow Plus (20.5" X 13.5" X .5" ),
the Mini Chillow (14" x 10.5" x .5" )

Warranty: 30 day warranty against manufacturer defects in the material and/or workmanship and that the seals/seams will maintain their integrity. Made in the USA. is an Authorized Chillow Retailer.

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