ChiliGel™ Cooling Gel Pads
Cool Pillow Pad and Body Pad
Cool Relief for your head, neck and back. Our ChiliGel™ cooling pillow pad and/or body pad is formulated to absorb and dissipate heat throughout the night, providing hours of cool soothing comfort. It is comprised of a proprietary, 100% water based compound polymer gel that provides instant cool relief.

“ It felt cool right out of the box, I was
surprised how long it kept my pillow cool”
Beyond Comparison to Other Gel Pads
Our ChiliGel™ pads are beyond comparison to other seemingly similar "non powered" cooling products. They do out perform the others. Experience temporary soothing cool relief as you drift off to sleep. The ChiliGel™ Pads are designed and manufactured by the makers of our Flagship powered-cooling mattress pad. The ChiliGel™ body pad, can also be used in conjunction with our powered - cooling mattress pad as a booster for the ultimate cooling effect.

Cool Right Out of the Box - No Water Needed
ChiliGel™ pads do not require water or refrigeration and are absolutely maintenance free. They will feel cool right out of the box. The pads are covered with a "non" removable blue poly cotton material that can be spot cleaned. The ChiliGel™ pillow pad has two attached elastic straps to secure the pad on to your pillow. Duration of cooling time will vary depending on ambient room temperature and body heat. For an all night temperature controlled
cooling and or heating solution for your bed - Click Here

Available Sizes: Pillow 12" x 15"  Body  23.5" x 35.5".

Warranty: 90-day limited warranty- defects in materials. is an Authorized ChiliGel™ Retailer.


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