New ChiliBed Climate Controlled
11 Memory Foam Mattress

The New Memory Foam ChiliBed brings a whole new level of push button controlled temperature -COOL or WARM- integrated with the custom-cradling comfort of high-quality Memory Foam. The result, we believe, is the most temperature controlled memory foam sleep system ever - especially for couples with different sleep surface and climate preferences!
A Higher Degree of Comfort - 46 to 118 Degrees.
You like it hot, but your spouse would prefer to chill? No problem! At the touch of a button, the wireless remote control allows you to precisely regulate the bed's sleeping surface temperature between 46-118 degrees Fahrenheit. Safe, sure temperature control is ensured by an integrated network of medical grade silicon tubing underneath the thick top memory foam comfort layer. It's fully concealed and you can't feel the tubes at all - but they provide a perfectly quiet flow of temperature-controlled water all night long. Meanwhile, the memory foam cushions you in cozy comfort and retains its just right density regardless of temperature.

Saves on Energy Costs and the Foam is 10% Soy
Most traditional memory foam will become softer when it is warm and firmer when it is cold- but not ChiliBed's! It stays supportive and ready to provide full head-to-toe support at any temperature. And it's eco-friendly too, with plant-based renewable raw materials replacing 10% of the petroleum-based polyols typically used in manufacturing memory foam mattresses. ChiliBed foam is also 100% free of PBDEs (Polybrominated diphenylethers), a fire retardant chemical known to be toxic.

The ChiliBed sleep system is a healthier way to regulate your bed temperature because there are no electric coils. Not having to heat or cool your whole bedroom can cut your energy bill - while providing each side of the bed with the perfect temperature (requires dual climate control zone model)! Forget about having to get up at night to adjust your thermostat and/or air conditioner - with ChiliBed it's just set it - and forget it!

ChiliBed Helps You to Sleep More Restfully.
Approximately four hours after we fall asleep, our body's temperature drops to its lowest level. Sleep researchers agree that a slightly cool sleeping temperature can promote a more restful night's sleep because it mirrors this natural temperature drop. To be sure, many factors, including bedding material, weather conditions and home heating and cooling systems, will naturally affect the quality of each individual's sleep, but for most people, temperatures that are below 54 degrees Fahrenheit OR above 75 degrees Fahrenheit will cause sleep disruptions.

Features & Construction
Note: ChiliBed is Vacuum-Packed, Compressed and Rolled and will Ship via UPS. Includes a (90 day Money Back Guarantee)

Cover: Classic and luxurious, removable Cotton / Polyester Blend

Core: 1" 5 lb 2nd generation visco elastic Temperature Tolerant Foam with 2" 1.9 lb 24 ILD transition and 7" of 1.9 lb 35 ILD Urethane core.

Available Sizes: Twin - Single Zone ( 39" x 75" ) Twin XL - Single Zone ( 38" x 80" )
Full - Single Zone ( 54" x 74" ) Queen Dual Zone ( 60" x 80" )
King Dual Zone ( 76" x 80" )

Guaranteed: 100% recovery ( to original height ) after unpacking within 24 hours.

Warranty: 10 year on mattress, 3 year on the control unit | ETL listed.
(90 day Money Back Guarantee)

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