Bowsers Pet Products
Buttercup Cat Bed
Provide the perfect nest for your cat with the Buttercup Cat Bed. Two layers of heavy- weight, luxurious berber fleece are fashioned to be used flat or when the drawstring is pulled, as a soft cup.

Gel-Pedic™ pet bed

The Gel-Pedic™ pet bed is made from a new patented material called GelFoam. GelFoam molds to your pet's body, easing pressure on legs & hips. The oval shape allows your pet to sleep in the nesting position.

Thermo Kitty Sill™ (heated product)

Heated windowsill cat bed. Easy to assemble, sturdy and attractive. Adjustable to any window sill.

Kitty Sill™
The same dimensions and materials as the Thermo Kitty Sill™, but without the heating system.

Thermo Kitty Mat™(heated product)
An affordable heated sleeping mat with removable heater for use as an unheated bed. Recommended for year-round indoor use.

Outdoor Heated Kitty Pad™ (with cover)
(heated product)

Ideal for cats that spend time in garages,  barns, sheds or outdoor porches and patios.
Ideal for feral cats!