There are close to 1,000 species of bamboo plants found in diverse climates throughout the world. A member of the true grass family, new shoots of the largest bamboo species can grow up to three feet per day, making it the fastest growing plant in nature. With several unique properties that are retained in the production of bamboo pulp, fiber and yarn, natural bamboo and viscose bamboo fabrics offer distinct benefits to consumers looking for high quality, eco-friendly linens and bedding products made from renewable resources.

Bamboo fiber fabric is characterized by its soft, silky feel and superior ability to draw sweat and moisture instantly away from human skin. Naturally antimicrobial, antifungal, antistatic and resistant to mold, bamboo fiber fabric's excellent “wicking” action makes it ideal for sanitary applications and the manufacture of products that come in direct contact with the human body. Bed linens made of bamboo fiber fabric such asDreamsacks® bamboo sheetsand pillowcases will never stick to the body, but remain cool and highly absorptive in all temperatures.

Bamboo fiber is naturally round and smooth with no sharp edges or spurs and fabrics made from bamboo pulp are similarly smooth, soft and comfortable. Resistant to pests in the wild, the cultivation of bamboo does not require pesticides or chemicals, making it an intrinsically organic plant and biodegradable fiber.

Unlike other natural fabrics such as hemp, cotton and wool, bamboo fiber fabrics rarely cause skin irritations or allergic reactions. The structure of bamboo fiber, like the plant itself, contains multiple hollow spaces which make it extremely breathable and naturally deodorizing, an ideal combination for clothing and fine Bed linens.

Sometimes mixed with cotton or other materials, natural bamboo fiber fabrics will retain their own properties even when blended, and remain strong, durable and resistant to bacteria after repeated launderings. A lustrous and highly absorptivematerial that resists abrasion, natural bamboo fiber and yarns have excellent dyeing abilities and produce linens that will hold brilliant colors extremely well. Healthy bamboo sheets, pillowcases, shams and coverlets manufactured by companies such as HSI can outfit an entire bedroom in high quality, natural, sustainable, comfort and style.