Amicor Pure™ is effective in preventing dust mites and therefore allergens from colonizing in your mattress. Dust mite droppings contain the allergen DER p1 which can create sensitivity and trigger an allergy attack. This is what causes us to sneeze, feel wheezy and blocked up. Dust mites live inside pillows, quilts and the top layers of mattresses - this is where Amicor Pure™ will protect your bed. Amicor Pure™ is an 'intelligent fiber' with healthy additives held inside the fiber. This means that the purifying effect will continue to work for the lifetime of each product.

While we sleep we shed skin flakes into the bed. Because it is warm and humid for the time that we sleep, this provides the ideal environment for the fungi, aspergillus repens, to take hold of these skin flakes and turn them into a nutritious form for the dust mite.  By preventing the growth of the fungi, the skin flakes remain too dry for the dust mite to eat and simply turn to dust. As the food source is not there, the mites cannot live and breed inside bedding. Amicor Pure™ is safe. Amicor Pure™ does not directly affect the mites at all for it is not a pesticide, it simply eliminates their food supply and thereby maintains control over their growth. Amicor Pure's protection is designed to last for the lifetime of the fabric.

This protection can not be washed away and does not wear out. In fact, it will last as long as the normal lifetime of the product. It is the most environmentally secure way to reduce allergens and microbes in bedding. The yarn's core acts like a reservoir, slowly releasing just enough anti-microbial additives to be very effective. Amicor Pure™ prevents the growth of odor-forming microbes.  Amicor Pure™ can prevent even the “musty” odor often associated with blankets, beds and mattresses that are subject to infrequent cleaning. The durability of the fiber ensures that the odor-free properties are maintained for the expected lifetime of the product. Amicor Pure™ has proven to be a safe, gentle, environmentally secure and effective way to prevent allergens and microbes in bedding.