Alpaca Pillows by Malpaca®
100% Pure Alpaca with Bamboo Cover
Hand-Crafted in the U.S.A.

Sleep like never before, with these luxurious hand-crafted natural, chemical free alpaca filled pillows, covered in luxurious silky soft pure bamboo fabric. Ideal for severe allergy sufferers who may be sensitive to other natural fibers such as sheep's wool or feathers. Available in 3 fill weights, light, medium or full.
How is Alpaca Fill Different from Sheep Wool?
Alpaca fill is a great alternative to wool for many reasons. Alpacas are a member of the Camelid family, a descendant of the camel most closely related to the llama. People that are sensitive to wool may not have a sensitivity to Alpaca. Unlike wool Alpaca does not contain lanolin, which may hold microscopic allergens that some people may be allergic to. Our high quality Malpaca pillows are filled with 100% Alpaca fiber. Our Alpaca fill is naturally fire retardant and chemical free, a great alternative for allergy sufferers that are sensitive to feathers or sheep wool containing lanolin.

Silky-Soft Bamboo Outer Cover
Similar in feel to cotton, viscose from pure bamboo contains millions of gaps and holes at the microscopic level giving Bamboo fabric the ability to wick away moisture. Even better than cotton, your pillow will stay dry and comfortable throughout the night. Bamboo fiber has been praised as “the natural, green, sustainable textile material of the 21st century."

Light Fill
Pillow Sizes Dimension Weight Loft
Standard 19" x 27"  2.5 lbs. *4"
Queen 19" x 30" 3 lbs. *4"
King 19" x 35" 4 lbs. *4"

Medium Fill
Pillow Sizes Dimension Weight Loft
Standard 19" x 27" 3 lbs. *5"
Queen 19" x 30" 3.5 lbs. *5"
King 19" x 35" 4.5 lbs *5"

Full Fill
Pillow Sizes Dimension Weight Loft
Standard 19" x 27" 3.5 lbs. *6"
Queen 19" x 30" 4 lbs. *6"
King 19" x 35" 5 lbs *6"

The natural fill will have more loft at first, but will compress slightly, after conforming to each individual sleep habit.  We consider these pillows to be medium/soft but supportive.

30 Day Comfort Return
. Made in the USA.

 Our Alpaca pillows are made to order please allow 5 to 7 days for delivery.

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