ChiliBed™ Climate Controlled
11” Memory Foam Mattress - (Water Cooled)

The New Memory Foam ChiliBed™ is a revolutionary cooling and heating memory foam mattress with the cooling and heating components built right into the mattress. The ChiliBed is a complete temperature controlled memory foam sleep system, utilizing advanced semi-conductor technology. Never sleep hot again.
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Chili-Pad™ New Cube 1.1 - (Water Cooled)
Cooling and Heating Mattress Pad

The Chili Pad™ is a revolutionary Cooling and heating system designed to regulate the surface temperature of your bed so that you can achieve a great night's sleep. The ChiliPad™ allows you to control the temperature of your sleeping surface at the touch of a button. Designed to fit all standard and extra thick mattresses.
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Cool Pad by Shield Life - (Crystal Cooled)

The "Cool Pad" is an innovative non gel, non powered, cooling pad that creates a comfortable cool oasis anywhere one is needed using a patent-pending crystal cooling technology. Three large cooling zones, Memory foam padded non skid bottom.
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ChiliGel™ Pillow & Bed Cooler - (Gel Cooled)
Cooling Relief for your head, neck or back. Our ChiliGel™ cooling pillow pad and/or body pads are specially formulated to absorb and dissipate body heat throughout the night, providing hours of cool comfort. ChiliGel pads are comprised of a proprietary, 100% water based compound polymer gel. ChiliGel pads do not require water, they are cool right out of the box, completely maintenance free.
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Chillow Pillow Cooler - (Water Cooled)
Slip a cooling Chillow insert into your pillowcase and sleep comfortably for hours. Designed with SoothSoft technology, this versatile cooling device requires no refrigeration and functions as a personal radiator to absorb and dissipate your body heat back into the air while you sleep. This safe, non-toxic product is activated by water to produce a dry and natural cooling effect that can be applied to a number of ailments, from headaches, to sunburns, hot flashes and night sweats.
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Bedfan® Cooling System (Air Cooled)

The Bedfan® helps to remove body heat that gets trapped under your sheets. A gentle, cool breeze, starts at your feet and flows over your body and up along your head and neck area to lower your body temperature. The Bedfan® is low voltage and uses less than one amp of power, making its use cost effective.Dual fans are capable of producing over 100 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of air flow. With the Speed controller, which can be placed under your pillow, you can adjust the air flow from 0 to 100 CFM, or turn the Bedfan® on or off, without having to get up out of bed. Create your own cool zone with the Bedfan® and get a cool, restful, night's sleep tonight and every night.
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