Eco Memory Foam Mattresses
12" mattress 10" mattress 9" mattress

Using only the finest eco-friendly materials available, Valeo™ mattresses look and feel great. The unique Eco Memory Foam perfectly contours to your body for superior support and head-to-toe comfort! Each mattress is made in a zero-emissions chamber for minimal environmental impact.

ChiliBed™ Climate Controlled
11” Memory Foam Mattress

The New Memory Foam ChiliBed™ is a revolutionary cooling and heating memory foam mattress with the cooling and heating components built right into the mattress. The ChiliBed is a complete temperature controlled memory foam sleep system, utilizing advanced semi-conductor technology. Never sleep hot again.
Joya™ Sleep Systems White Gold
10.6” Memory Foam Mattress

The White Gold memory foam mattress is a luxurious, odorless, memory foam mattress manufactured with the highest international sanitary standards currently available. Designed to meet the stringent European Oeko-Tex 100 requirements. Fully hypoallergenic and designed to refuse the presence of dust mites.

Sleep and Comfort Products™
10" Intense® SC-1 Allergy Relieving
Memory Foam Sleep System.

Sleep on a luxurious sleep system that regulates body temperature, reduces the body's static charge, is anti-microbial and creates an allergen free sleep environment. The Intense SC-1 design assures unparalleled support, comfort and durability.