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is an online retailer of high quality sleep products since October of 2005. We offer a product line from a select group of the world's most innovative bedding companies including manufacturers with patented technologies that maintain over two hundred exclusive patents and trademarks on unique mattress construction. We offer the most respected and trusted names in the bedding industry worldwide, known worldwide for consistently maintaining quality and innovation - and backed by the strongest warranties.

Our product selection is built upon material research, advances in technology and superior workmanship. We are uncompromising in assuring delivery of quality products. This means we make certain that a high standard of product performance is brought to you.

Committed to serving our customers for life, we build relationships. We offer products tested for quality and durability. Your comfort and satisfaction are most important to us. We are committed to determining the best solution for each of our valued customers. We will answer your questions and guide your decision to assure the selection of the most suited product to meet your needs and your budget.

Our team is persistent in testing and reviewing the newest and most innovative products available. We carry only those products that are effective in improving the quality of your sleep. If you have any questions about or any of our products, feel free to give us a call toll free at (888) 774-4046 or e-mail us and one of our sleep specialists will be more than happy to respond to your inquiry. maintains a policy of ethics*. That is, we provide what we promise. Our products stand on their own merits*. We need not compare or be critical of other product lines in order to establish our credibility. Our focus is on your satisfaction with both product and service. Your trust, continued satisfaction, and positive recommendations to your friends, family and associates are our primary goals.

Clearly specified prices for all our products is another important part of our ethical business conduct. Unlike other online (and offline) retailers, we never bait our customers with "prices too low to print" offers. What"s more, we provide FREE SHIPPING for all our products, so the price you see is the price you'll pay - always! If you're a New York resident, you do have to pay sales tax - but that's it. Other sellers might try to "lowball" you on the price and then try to sneak it back in with inflated shipping and handling charges, but that's simply not the way we choose to do business.

Another reason you can buy with confidence from us: we are authorized dealers for every product we sell. Many manufacturers will not honor their warranties for products purchased from non-authorized outlets simply because they don't want to cheapen their brand by selling to retailers who provide "cut-rate service." But when you buy from, you can be 100% sure that all manufacturer warranties will be honored as advertised.

By the way, if you're just shopping for the lowest available price, you very well could end up paying too much. It's true. We understand that, from the buyer's perspective, a low price is an important factor, but it's not the only factor. Many of the bed and accessory products we sell require a knowledgeable salesperson to explain their relative benefits and make intelligent recommendations. We have those well informed sales people, and we are committed to helping you make the best decisions for your sleeping needs. Retailers who sell solely on the basis of lowest price simply don't have the profit margins to provide this level of customer service. For the same reason, their returns policy can too often leave their customers stuck with an expensive buying mistake. During our time in the bed business, we have seen quite a few of these "rock-bottom" retailers come and go.

     "the rules or standards governing the conduct of the members of a profession; a
      principle of right or good conduct." (American Heritage Dictionary)
     "value, excellence, superior quality." (American Heritage Dictionary)